Three weeks til take off!

My dear family and friends!
Branch Presidency

Branch Presidency

Well! This has been a pretty crazy week! No one can ever say that missions aren’t exciting events. This week is an excellent example.

Friday morning at about 5:30 am I took an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room at the Provo Hospital. Long story short, I woke up with some intense abdominal pains, they did tons of tests on me and I’m fine! Anyway, it was a kind of miserable day, but I got a priesthood blessing, slept for about a day and a half and I’m feeling much better now! Except that I came down with a pretty bad fever last night. Haha. But that’s that I guess. We all have our up weeks and our down weeks. I laugh because I was kind of feeling sorry for myself and then I read a bunch of missionary emails from friends around the world and half of them are sick too! I guess getting sick is just part of being a missionary sometimes!

We watched an excellent talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland this week that said that when missions are hard just remember that you’re doing the Lord’s work and He suffered every pain for us so that he would know how to succor us (Alma 7:11-13 in the Book of Mormon). I know that that is true! And I’m so grateful to know that Jesus Christ loves me enough to have gone through all the things I will ever go through in this life. I know that through his Atonement I can repent of my sins and become clean again, and I also know that as I turn to him he can help me endure my trials. I know he will do the same for each of you! Just turn to him because he loves you SO MUCH!
Yesterday we Skyped people who live in Finland and taught them lessons completely in Finnish for about 30 minutes. It was so much fun!!! I am so grateful for the chance to share God’s beautiful message with them! The lady we Skyped with served her mission in Finland with Sister Jones’ dad so that’s pretty cool! She has two kids on missions right now and two who just got back. It gave me great courage that I could understand the vast majority of what she was saying since she is a native Finnish speaker! We taught her about the importance of daily prayer, scripture study, and about following the prophet on earth today. She shared her powerful testimony with us that prayer really does work. And even though we had been feeling pretty nervous before the Skype lesson we came out of there feeling like champs, not because we spoke perfectly or had an eloquent lesson–because let’s face it, we didn’t–but because we had the Spirit of God with us and we all taught each other. 🙂
Well other than that, I don’t have much to report! The MTC is a great place. It’s sometimes hard to see missionaries come and go (the native English speaking missionaries are only here for about 12 days) and think “I still have soo many weeks here! I just want to be in Finland already teaching people about the Savior Jesus Christ!” But, I know this time is so important to prepare and what’s more, we’re just under 3 weeks until take off now! Next Wednesday will mark the start of our last 12 days at the MTC.” It just keeps me going to think that I’ll be there soon and I wanted to be as ready as I can be!
I love you all so much and I know that this is the time and place I’m supposed to be in. Thank you for your love, support, emails and letters! They mean the world to me!
Much love and gratitude,
Sister Katriina Adams

This picture is Sister Jones and I with President Garr, Brother Freestone, and Brother Leifson of our Branch Presidency. All of them served their missions in Finland! How lucky are we to have them?! 🙂 Sadly, Brother Freestone just left our ward because he has been called to be the President of the branch of missionaries going to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. They’re lucky to get him though! And hopefully we’ll get our new counselor soon.

Sisar Adams

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