Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven

Hey family! Wow! What a week! This week has been a roller coaster ride of some pretty great things and some not so great things too, so I’ll tell you all about it. 🙂 I’ve learned this week that when the worst things seem to be happening, the Lord is always still blessing us. He’s sure been blessing me!

Finn MTC District

He has socks from Pirkko too!

Well, last time I emailed I was pretty sick with a fever that turned into a nasty cold. The Elders and Sisters in our zone and the Armenian/Georgian/Lithuanian/Latvian zone are all sooo nice to us. This week I have just had to laugh so many times because every time they ask if I’m feeling better it seems like something else is wrong!

Example A: Wednesday night last week Brother Freestone (a physician and our dear friend) came to give me my medication for the abdominal pains that I’ve been getting. When I turned around in the hallway and saw him, I squeaked out, “Brother Freestone! I’m so glad you’re here!” In my sick voice that sounded like I was a teenage boy going through puberty. He looked alarmed when he heard me and said to go straight to bed (already almost bed time 🙂 ). Then on Sunday I woke up in the middle of the night from coughing and realized I had developed pink eye! I saw Brother Freestone in the MTC cafeteria that day and he said I just kept getting sick. Ha, (knock on wood) but I think I’m on the uphill of getting well again.

I know Brother Freestone was sent to my little MTC branch because I needed his help. When the doctors at the ER and the MTC health clinic had done tons of tests on me and seemed to think I didn’t have anything wrong with me, Brother Freestone was inspired. Last Sunday (2 weeks ago) I had some pains again right before sacrament meeting that prompted the Elders  in my district to talk to the Branch Presidency about it. Thus, Brother Freestone was thinking about it during church and came up to me afterwards asking all kinds of questions with a potential diagnosis in mind already. Well, he get the medication to me and said, “If the pain ever comes back take it immediately.” I did! And this time it worked.
 So, apparently I get migraines in my stomach. Random! But, the more I’ve learned about them, the more I’ve realized what a miracle my situation is. It normally takes years to eliminate other causes of pain and make a diagnosis. Sometimes it takes years after that to figure out how to treat it. That could be a 6 year process–for me it’s beena whopping 2 weeks! I testify that the Lord truly looks out for his missionaries and I have DEFINITELY felt all of your prayers in my behalf. Thanks eternally to all of you!
This is a testimony to me that when we are serving the Lord, he knows when we are supposed to be here and where we are supposed to be. Since, I’ve always wanted to serve a mission, I got a little impatient about getting out here, but my dad gave me a priesthood blessing in January that said that I would get out on my mission when I was supposed to meet certain people. I have a testimony that that means certain people in Finland, and also certain people here in the MTC. In January Brother Freestone wasn’t even in this branch! And now he just got released again. He said to me this week, I almost think I was meant to be in this branch to help you, Sister Adams. I said, “I know that’s true and I know you were inspired.”
Exciting news!
This past week Elder Neil L. Andersen (An Apostle of the Lord on the earth today) came to the MTC to talk to us missionaries! He spoke on sacrifice, opposition, adversary, and deliverance. His talk was just what I needed. It reaffirmed that the Lord is pleased with my sacrifice to serve a mission and that he is blessing my life and my family BUT I shouldn’t be serving just to get blessing. I’m here to help others know of God’s love for them.
Our investigators Karina, and Renee are doing well. 🙂 Karina is preparing to be baptized next Saturday even though her family is not supportive. Renee is trying to stop drinking alcohol. so please pray for her. She’s is getting withdrawal headaches but we know she can quit. We invited her to read the scriptures and pray for strength every time she gets a headache.
I met a Sister Ogaard who was my mom’s student this week. I also ran into an old friend from a folk dance team named Ray Hernandez. Elder Hernandez is going to Bolivia. Sister Britta Greenhalgh (childhood friend) is two doors down from me now going to Taiwan. AND Uncle Bruce and Aunt Debi! The new German Elder in our zone KNOWS YOU! His name is Elder Divcovik (spelling?) and his grandparents are the Dornhausens. He said you two have stayed at his house in Germany and he has something that is from Logan Farm Equipment. He said “Do you know any Nyborgs?” when I said I was from Rexburg. I said, “I am a Nyborg!” And we all got very excited. 🙂
Well, that’s all for now! I love you all so very much and I love getting letters and updates from you! Keep up the good work on the home front!
Much love and enthusiasm,
Sister Adams 🙂
Picture: The Finn district with the native Finn who left for Sweden! The second from the right on the back row is Elder Murtonen from Tampere. Mom! He knows Pirkku! He has socks from her too!

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