The Light in Their Eyes

So here are a few things about Finland!

Hello Friends and Family!

Well, I made it!


This week I spent a night in the mission home with my awesome mission president, President Watson. He and his wife are so loving and I know we are in good hands. He is very inspired and has already helped this mission so much in progressing to reach it’s full potential.

Just an FYI, Finnish Privacy laws are pretty strict, so I’m excited to share my experiences with you, but won’t be able to share details about individuals that could infringe on their privacy. But! I’ll do my best to still give all of you an idea of what Finnish culture is like, my wonderful companion, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 🙂

Finland feels like home to me and I’ve seen so many familiar things! So far I’ve traveled by train twice (Helsinki to Jyväskylä and then Jyväskylä to Tampere and back for my first Zone Training). It’s fun to remember traveling by train just like I did with my mom three summers ago here in Finland. Our training was at the exact same building where I went to church with my mom 3 summers ago! It’s fun to recognize things!

Everything from my childhood and even teenage years about Finland is all coming together now as I see things I didn’t necessarily realize came from Finland that are a part of who I am. The members who picked us up my first night in Jyväskylä so we wouldn’t have to drag our luggage home have been to Finlandia Ranch where my mom grew up! It’s all so crazy!

Map of Finland showing  Jyväskylä.

Sisar Adams’s maternal grandfather served in this city and loved it!

Christmas time is coming here and this morning it snowed for the first time! Sadly, it didn’t stick.
This week I have learned so much by observing what Sister Jordan does and says. (One of the best ways to learn is by example.) She really is a great companion and I’m so grateful for her! This week I’ve been wanting to talk to everyone I meet and I hope that lifelong desire (up to this point) always continues. I think it can be easy to get discouraged on one’s mission and I know it might come and probably will come at some point. However, I am just so excited to be here serving the people and I want to talk to everyone. I truly hope that never wears off.

This week the first full day I was in Jyväskylä we did all of our studies, had district meeting, helped with a presentation about the gospel at the church, and at the very end of the day we finally had about 30 minutes for contacting before we went back for daily planning. Well, I had a Book of Mormon with me and I was excited to give it away! We stopped a few people and tried to talk to them, but they didn’t seem interested. Sister Jordan seemed to think it was a pretty normal haoppenstance, but I just shrugged it off looking for the person who wanted to accept this precious gift. Well, pretty quickly we stopped a lady and her husband. She had heard of the church and of the Book of Mormon. We asked if she had a copy or had ever read it and she said no. So! I just jumped right in and said, We would like to give this book to you. She looked up at me to see if I was serious. I responded, Gift. She looked at me in disbelief and said Oikeastan? (Honestly?) I said Joo! (Yes!)  She looked quite shocked and pleased. I saw a little bit of light come into her eyes. She didn’t know we just handed Book of Mormons out. It was an awesome experience.

Overall, I think one of my strongest goals for my mission is to always be finding people. No matter how many investigators I have, I’m going to find people. More people need to have the chance to hear the restored gospel. Well, I was just so happy that she took the book that I didn’t even think of asking for her number, but she has ours and maybe she’ll call us sometime. (I know that’s rare.) And if she doesn’t call us back then she will call someone sometime. I’m sure of it!

This leads me to our weekly goal. Sister Jordan and I resolved to ask for referrals from everyone! And our goal is specifically to get people’s phone numbers as we contact them on the streets. I’ve studied a lot about finding people in Preach my Gospel this morning and I feel very strongly that the only way we can find the people who are truly being prepared by the Lord to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is to look in every hole and crevice!

I’m so happy to be here and I know that the Lord wants me serving in Jyväskylä right now.

Love you all!!! More next week!


Sister Adams
Photo: Three generations. Sister Seegmiller (left) trained my trainer (Sister Jordan)

Sisar Adams

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