Have you ever been late for a date?

Hello family and friends!

Very short today!

Missionary work is a delight and Sister Jordan and I are having fun together sharing the Savior’s love around Jyväskylä!

The members are sweet and invited us to a Thanksgiving dinner with the Young Women. 🙂 It reminded me of home, but I also love Finland so much!

This week I got to use family history to contact some people and hopefully we will talk to them this coming week again. 🙂

The work is moving along here and the members are very helpful! We are going to ask them to go out and teach people with us even more this week. They are very supportive and a visiting Church member (high councilor) from Turku, Finland came to church this week and spoke about the blessings of going out and teaching with the missionaries. It was the most special talk to hear when you are a missionary. I was really grateful and the ward is redoubling their efforts to help us find people to teach about the Restored gospel.

Well, unfortunately we have now lost our two investigators due to different circumstances. We are hoping that at some point they will both want to learn more again. Please pray for both of them right now. One in particular is really trying to find her testimony–we’ve taught her all that we can and now we’re praying for her to have the desire to come unto Christ.

We are working every day on teaching people that the Savior loves them and last night we watching *Because He lives* on YouTube with a woman on the street. She really loved watching it. Although she said she wasn’t interested in hearing more, she had a light in her eyes and thanked us lovingly for this moment and for our testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ. We gave her our contact information. I couldn’t help but think she might be interested again one day. Sometimes we just need to be the first contact for a person. It was a tender moment. She even got off of a telephone call to talk to us!4-1-AM

Well, the snow all melted, but it’s still dark here!

This week we stopped someone and asked him if he was religious. He said yes, explained briefly and then he asked us in Finnish “Have you ever been late for a date?” We looked confused and he said, “I’m late for a date! I’ve got to go!” It was all quite hilarious and we laughed and let him run. It’s nice when people are willing to laugh with you. Ha ha 🙂

Wishing you a wonder week!

Sister Adams

P.S. Watch a new video about Christ at christmas.mormon.org or joulu.mormon.org.



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