A Long Bus Ride


We Had Thanksgiving With the Young Women in the Ward

The Lord puts people in our path when we are ready!

Hello friends and family!

This week Sister Jordan and I went tracting quite a bit, and it sometimes true that you have to knock a thousand doors before someone is ready to hear the message of the gospel. (I don’t think I’ve knocked on that many yet, but we have had some success!) 🙂

After tracting a few days ago we got a return appointment with an older man. A sister in our ward came with us to teach the lesson. Well, the man wasn’t home. So, we decided to follow up with a woman about family history. she wasn’t home either. Then I remembered an older man who we tried to show the Christmas video A Savior is Born to at his doorstep, but he said he needed help with his computer. So, since we had a member with us, we went back to show him the video! Well, after the video we talked to him about the gospel. It definitely wasn’t your typical lesson and he was a bit upset that we hadn’t called first. We apologized and explained that we had been in the area. He said to come it then or not at all! So… we came in! He kindly offered us juice (the Finns are always very hospitable) and we attempted to answer his many questions. We essentially taught him all about the Restoration of the church and the Plan of Salvation through answering all of his questions. Mormonit.fi

We could tell he had had a hard life and is very alone. I felt sad for him and wanted him to really know that this gospel brings lasting happiness. At one point I testified of the first vision, and answered his questions about Joseph Smith. the member asked if he understood what I said. He said no, She then asked, but how did you feel. He smiled and said he felt good. She then testified that that was the Holy Ghost testifying to him that what I said was true. So maybe my Finnish isn’t perfect yet, but I know that Heavenly Father truly testified through me. The member was a great asset!

That’s all for today!  We rode the bus for 1 1/2 hours to teach a woman for about 30 minutes. It was great!

I love you all and thanks for your letters!

Ask my mom for my address if you need it!

With love,

Sister Adams

Sisar Adams

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