Frozen in Finland

The Book of Mormon contains converting power!

Hey friends and family!

This week was full of finding experiences starting at the end of preparation day last week! This is a testimony to me that our Heavenly Father knows us personally and He answers our prayers.

As many of you know, my wonderful mom has always taught me to talk to people. Thank you, Mom! (And Dad too!) This has been very helpful on my mission because essentially every day consists of talking to new people and telling them about my testimony of Jesus Christ while in a foreign language! Last Tuesday there was a lot on my mind (preparation days are nice, but there’s always so much to think about–did I get all of my laundry done? Did I buy all of the groceries I needed to? Did I tell my family all that I love them?) Well, right after emailing all of you we were on a bus going to our appointment with a recent convert family in the ward. Despite having a shorter “working day” on Tuesdays, we had made the goal to place a Book of Mormon with at least two people who would willing accept it. We testified personally and it worked!

Just us Trying to Stay Warm

Just Us Trying to Stay Warm

We also helped with Youth Conference for all on Finland here and taught a class on missionary work! It was cool to be with all of the Youth! They wrote testimonies in Book of Mormons for us. We helped decorate and take down and strung up lots of lights!! Our ward (congregation or seurakunta) is great!

Never ever doubt the good influence you have on people. I wish I could share more! I love you all!

I might be transferred next week, but maybe I’ll stay in Jyväskylä too! Please pray that I will be where I need to be. I know my mission president is inspired and he will send me where I need to be.

Love you lots!
Sister Adams


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