This is the Plan of Happiness :)

Dear friends and family,

Grandpa Adams

This week I found out that my lifelong friend and great exemplar, Grandpa Adams, passed away. I love him so much and my heart reaches out to all of my family at this time. Grandpa Adams loved his family so, so much! He also loved missionary work and he would give anything to share the gospel with people. When President Watson called me to tell me that Grandpa had passed away I couldn’t help but let the tears stream down my face. I truly loved him. I’m grateful to be here on my mission at this time where I can feel his presence in the Lord’s work. Grandpa loved it so much! He is one of my many ancestors who had a drive for missionary work and I know he was with me the whole day Thursday when I got the call.

Heavenly Father looks out for missionaries and their families. I know that is true. He knows me individually. He knows me, Sister Adams. Thursday the Sister Training Leaders from Tampere (they are also in a trio) came to go on splits with us for the day. The night before we planned three different finding ideas (ways to find people to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ) for the entire day. It was the coldest day here in Jyväskylä, but we had high goals, high spirits, and a great work to do. I was really excited for the day and to see how much missionary work we could get done. Well, this is my testimony that Heavenly Father knows us because He knows that I love to be around people and having 6 people in the apartment that day really helped me cope with my grandpa’s passing.

Most of the day we were out of the house (as we always are as missionaries!–we’re only in for studying the scriptures and Finnish, eating meals, and planning for the day.) The more I thought about how much Grandpa loved missionary work, the more desire I had to share the gospel and we talked to so many people that day. I was able to teach a lesson, we placed many, many, many copies of the Book of Mormon, got 16 people’s phone numbers, a return appointment with a former investigator and set the expectation to share a spiritual message every time we clean house for a lady married to an inactive member.

A second testimony that God knows us personally is that I was the missionary (with a sister training leader) who we decided to send to the house to clean. I always like giving service, but that day it was especially a tender mercy for me. No one else but the Lord could have known that it reminded me of when my Grandpa helped my father (as a young boy) clean at his first night on janitorial duty all night long so the people he worked for would know that he cared. If I remember the story right, some time later the grumpy lady who had at first been against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because she smoked, softened her heart because of the kindness and hard work that my dad had showed. She was touched that all the ash trays were spotless! No one ever knew in that building that my Grandpa helped him. That is self less service.

I’m grateful for all of your fervent prayers and fasting. It helps us so much! All of our work and dedication and faith is starting to show and we are teaching people. Please pray for them!

I love you all so much!  I love your letters! Love you Grandpa Adams!


Sister Adams

Sisar Adams



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