Hey all!

Thank you for your prayers for our investigators! Lessons have gone well this week and I wish I had time to tell you all of it!


Thank you for your prayers and “Posti”.

Tuesday night we started teaching a man and the next day he saw us street contacting. He waved and was excited to see us. Wahoo! We’ll teach him again this Wednesday so pray for him!

My first investigator ever just returned from living in Helsinki for the past month and she is investigating the church again! We talked to her about agency and said that it was her choice whether or not she wanted to keep learning and meeting with us and that if she wanted to continue it would require making changes in her life to bring her closer to Christ. I thought for sure she would stop investigating, but Sister Jordan had more faith! And she wants to keep learning! We had another lesson with her yesterday and have one tomorrow. She comes to church here, but not usually when she’s out of town and we’re trying to help her see that it’s important and worth it wherever you are. Please pray for her!

Another investigator has strong faith in Christ and converted on his own to a Christian church at age 14. He wants to follow Christ and we had two excellent lessons with him this last week. Unfortunately he is currently debating whether or not he wants to keep learning from us. He’s wary about joining the Church, but says he’s still interested. Please pray for him too! He has so much potential!

This week I realized the reason that I am out here teaching people is not to teach them how to have and live better lives, it is to teach them that we all have a loving Heavenly Father. He knows and loves us each personally, and once again reveals truth to us through modern prophets and apostles. He knows that life is hard, in fact it’s a test. One that we all agreed to before this life so that we could learn and grow and return to His presence after this life. Because He knows that life is hard, He sent us a Savior. This is Jesus Christ. Christ suffered everything for us so that we could live again and that we can be made clean (we all make mistakes because we’re all learning). Heavenly Father has restored His church and His priesthood authority–the power to act in God’s name for the blessing of others. Through this authority God’s prophet leads His church and helps us know how to live in a world that is sometimes so harsh. Christ is the light. He loves us.

I love all of you and I’m thankful for your prayers! The Lord is merciful! Reach out to others and look for your blessings from heaven!

Thank you for your letters! An excellent week for “posti!” Brothers! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Love always,


Sister Adams 🙂

Sisar Adams


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