Joy in the Journey!

God is good. He loves Finland!

Hey everyone!

Attitude makes all the difference and Sister Saarinen, Jordan and I have had a great week! Good attitude and great things!

Here’s what happened:

Sunday we watched as the three children (one was a new baby) of the recent convert family I’ve taught my whole time in Finland were blessed in Sacrament Meeting. the parents were baptized in October when Sister Jordan was here. They are progressing slowly but surely in the gospel. Wow. It’s so wonderful to see a mother watch her children be blessed and to think of my own mom when I was blessed.

Later that night we had a lesson with this family about resurrection, immortality, and eternal life. I was able to share my own experience of the blessing it is to have parents record in writing the blessings I’ve received over the years. I told them that because my

parents remember something that was said in my own baby blessing they’ve been able to refer me back to that whenever I’ve felt alone it life. It’s helped guide me and it’s helped me remember that Heavenly Father really does care. Bearing testimony is so much more powerful, when your testimony is strong, and the people you teach can feel that. We challenged this family to record everything they could remember fromt he day and keep it in a sacred place to turn back to when life is hard or just when they want to remember just how much our Father in Heaven loves and knows us individually.

Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me remember this over the years! I love you!


This week was full of spiritual experiences and moments of laughter. It really does make a difference when you look for the simple joys in life!

Here’s an example:

We got a referral from the referral system and we’d been trying to contact her for a few days to no avail. We got on a bus to go from our tracting area to a lesson with an investigator. We had 20 minutes on the bus and when we got on it was empty, so I pulled out the phone to make a few calls. My companions were sitting across the aile and didn’t pay much attention to who I was calling at first, being good missionaries and discussing Finnish grammar principles. 🙂

Well, I forgot to mention, this referral apparently speaks English! So I made the call and answered in English. The next moment I realized they were speaking Finnish, and made a quick brain switch. I pressed my ear close to the phone and strained to listen, praying for the interpretation of tongues. My companions laughed as for two different phone calls, I spoke English, then Finnish, then asked the person who I was calling who they were, figured out they’re weren’t our referral, asked if they knew her, and then apologized, and hung up.

To make the story better, while I was talking multiple people got onto the bus, and Sister Jordan was sure they were all staring at me! Haha. 🙂 Life as a missionary is great!


Thank you all for your prayers and letters! I wish I could share so many more stories and experiences! Life here is excellent and we are having success with people talking to us. Please keep praying for our now 3 investigators!

I love you all!


Finding joy in the simple things,

Sister Adams


Socks we Wear in Finnish Homes

Picture: The excellent socks we wear at members’ houses!

Sisar Adams

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