Travels and Prayers Answered


Sister Training Leader and Trio

Hey all!

Sister Saarinen is going to America!! Between two lessons this week President Watson called and said she would have to work on some papers for her visa and we would go to Helsinki the next week. Well we just got back from a fast 24 trip there and back!

Last night we stayed in Espoo with the Sister Training Leaders and this morning Sister Saarinen made the journey in the US Embassy alone (where my family lived for a few years! And I got to wave at it! 🙂 ) Sister Jordan and I got to walk around downtown Helsinki for a while and went browsing at Marimekko (coolest Finnish clothing store) and Stockmanns! After that we ate at Tortilla House where Sister Saarinen used to work and I got to see the Metro Asema! (Metro Station) I felt like I was in an Idaho potato cellar being underground about 60 feet and smelling fresh dirt! It was awesome! I’m sad Sister Saarinen will be leaving us for the MTC in two weeks, but St. George Temple Visitor’s Center needs her love and devotion! The week after she leaves will be my transfer call. Let’s see what happens!

Tomorrow we’re back on the train to Tampere for our monthly zone meeting! Good times as always!

On to some spiritual things:

We officially have a real true blue, progressing-towards-baptism investigator! she is still the first person I EVER taught here in Finland and this week she made a pretty big commitment to make a  change in her life. Slowly, and surely she’s progressing and there’s no baptismal date yet, but I can see the testimony building “line upon line” in her eyes. Please pray for her as she commits to living the gospel of Jesus Christ that she will see the blessings. We got to watch President Monson’s latest talk with her at the church this week and it was soo powerful–worth a watch or rewatch for any of you on! 🙂 Mom! Thank you for always making sure we had our undivided attention on General Conference when the prophet was speaking! It’s helped me in life more than you know! I know President Monson truly speaks for God on the earth today. I challenge you all to read or watch his latest talk this week! I’ll follow up. 😉

Another great experiences has to do with weaknesses. My own weaknesses. A mission will show you where you succeed and where you struggle. Well this week one of those struggles was staying awake in church. The topic of the meeting was prayer, and I prayed and prayed to be able to stay awake, for something to happen so I would have to focus. Well, after sacrament meeting we went into the fullest investigator class I’ve ever been in, (4 non members!) One was a guy who just passed by the church and decided to come in. I was struggling even in that class to keep my head up, but I watched as he seemed intrigued in the lesson, and I starting waking up, paying more attention to the Finnish words rolling through my head. Near the end of the lesson he asked a question, and the teacher talked to tell him about Joseph Smith. Then she stopped, explained that we were missionaries and that this was our job and said, “Sister Adams, why don’t you teach him?” I thought she meant after class, but she kept looking at me so I grabbed my pamphlet and started telling the first vision with Joseph Smith’s own words to this man while 4 other missionaries, 3 other non-members, a recent convert, and our teacher watched. Wow. It was powerful. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon in the middle of class and I testified that he could get his own testimony of it.

My prayer was answered that day. I had to wake up, and teach that man. It strengthened my own testimony.

I know Christ lives and He loves us.

I love you all!

Sister Adams


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