Of Lessons Learned and Happy Things :)

Hey family!

Well, our trio is now down to just two! Sister Saarinen got on a train yesterday to Helsinki and at this very moment she’s on a plane flying to America! Wow. It’s just me and my trainer again. (Although I’ve been out of training for about 5 weeks now she’ll always be my trainer. 🙂 )


Sisar Saarinen Leaving on a Train, Then Jet Plane to Serve in Utah

Sister Jordan and I waved goodbye and the minute Sister Saarinen was out of sight the tears came. We waved, and waved and then just stood there crying and hugging each other. Sister Saarinen has been such a blessing in our companionship! It’s definitely a challenge to have three missionaries working together and I think that’s why the Lord usually assigns just two, but the last three months with Sister Saarinen have taught me a few things:

1) Laugh! The gospel is so wonderful and we  have a responsibility to share it with people, but we should be laughing along the way. “Adam fell that man might be, men are that they might have joy.” 2 Nephi 2:27 ( I think that’s the reference!) We laughed so much together and did a lot of hard work!

2) Be an example of the believers. Since I was in training when she came, Sister Jordan had a lot of responsibility, but it inspired me to step up my game as a missionary and be the best example I could be to Sister Saarinen. Sister Jordan has been such a great example to me! This really helped shape me as a missionary. I know Sister Saarinen was with us for a reason!

3) It’s okay to be yourself. Sister Saarinen is full of creative ideas and she’s an excellent chef. Although she is a Finn and we are Americans, she loved us and didn’t change herself. I was always so impressed with her integrity in being herself and also learning about how we did things. It gave me more confidence to be the missionary God wants me to be, even if that means I don’t contact people the same ways as everyone else. or I have a different study method that suits me better. We can still each be unique. In fact, it’s part of God’s divine plan for us! He loves us so much! Each one of us!

Some miracles of the week:

Our two investigators are progressing! Wow. It was a good way for Sister Saarinen’s experience in Finland to come to a close. 🙂 Our investigator who we’ve been teaching for about a month finally came to church this Sunday! We’ve been inviting him for 3 or 4 weeks now! We gave him a church tour, talked about what happens, and he LOVED being there to see it, but he wouldn’t commit to coming to church. Well, this week we had “Splits” with the Sister Training Leaders. They came to work in Jyväskylä and Sister Crofts (the missionary who found this investigator a year ago when he originally investigated) was here and she taught him again, this time with Sister Jordan. They really emphasized that he needed to make a decision and just come to see if it was his place or not. The member who was along really helped!

Well, the next day I got to call to see what he had decided. After a long day of “Weekly Planning” and trekking all over Jyväskylä we were pretty tired, but we called him. At first he said he wasn’t sure, ( but I’m not sure exactly all of what he did say in Finnish to be honest 🙂 ) I asked him to repeat himself a few times so I knew what he was saying, but the classic Sister Adams trait that my companions tease-praise me for came out. I didn’t know what he was saying so I just started testifying to him that the only way he would find out if church was his place or not was if he came this week. I told him that a ride would be waiting for him at 9:30 am and that we were excited to see him on Sunday. (In the middle of this conversation we got on a bus which made it ever harder to understand what he was saying.) Finally, he sighed and said, “Okay, I’m coming. What type of car should I look for and what type of clothes do I need to wear?” I was in disbelief! He was coming! I quickly repeated the description that Sister Saarinen was saying to me in Finnish from across the aisle in answer to his questions that I had repeated aloud. He said he was coming, and we celebrated on the bus! It’s always after the longest days that the miracles seem to come. 🙂 They don’t come that big on every long day, but when they do, it makes up for them all.

Our other investigator is doing really well! She’s progressing surely albeit slow to our vision, but I still have a growing testimony of what I said last week. Investigators need nourishment, not pulling. We’ve had three lessons with her this past week and she even came to visit an older single lady in the ward with us as a good activity to keep the Sabbath Holy. She really enjoyed being a part of it. Yesterday was her birthday and after our lesson together she shared the treats we brought for her. 🙂 Her testimony of Jesus Christ is growing! I love her soo, soo much!

Please pray for these precious souls who are finding the gospel of Jesus Christ! God loves them so much and Sister Jordan, Saarinen, and I do too!


District Meeting

We’re sad to see Sister Saarinen go, but the work goes on and she’ll be serving the Lord too. 🙂
This might be my last week in Jyväskylä, so I’ll make it count! We find out about transfer calls on Friday, and our P-day is most likely Monday next week due to transfers, so please write before then! Another goodbye might be just around the corner.

Thanks for the letter from the neighborhood! It was fun to read the round-robin writing!

I love you all!


Sister Adams

P.S. I love hearing from all of you and your lives! Keep me updated on the news from home! 🙂 Yes, that means you, reader!


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