Easter, Fasting, and General Conference! What more could a sister ask? :)

Our Easter Eggs from our investigator (a different one from in the story below)
on a picturesque nature path in Finland! They had little cars inside!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Heipa Hei Kaikille! Hello everyone!

This week was a wonderful week with a great zone conference in Tampere. It was my first one because last time we had mission tour where Elder Dyches from the Europe Area Seventy Presidency came and addressed us. I was reunited for the day with many missionary friends, and as it says in Alma when referring to the sons of Mosiah, I would have been glad to see them anyway, but I rejoiced because they were still my brothers and sisters in the Lord. And you are too! Thank you for all of your support and love!

Side note: Wow! Thanks to all of you for writing me emails this week! It really makes my day! If I didn’t respond this week I still will and I love you I just didn’t have time today! 🙂

But back to zone conference…. President Watson showed us the virtual choir that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir put together with Mack Wilberg conducting. I’ll bet all the Madison High School choirs watched it because it’s excellent and I know Mr. Hinck loves Mack Wilberg and virtual choirs! 🙂 It was the Hallelujah chorus and it was BEAUTIFUL! If you haven’t seen it search #Hallelujah online and it should come up.

The next day we had a lesson at the church with our progressing investigator and had planned to teach some commandments. We had just filled the member in on the plan when the investigator got there. As we were following up with the commitments I had a feeling that we should drop our lesson plan and talk instead about Easter and why Christ is important. As a junior companion though I wanted to make sure I was following Sister Yost’s lead and during lessons I always wish I have telepathy with my companions. I waited for her to make the first move. She asked if we could share the Easter video! We only had to glance at each other and we knew that instead of talking about commandments we were supposed to share the Easter video and the video of the virtual choir singing the Hallelujah chorus. We did so. It was exactly what our investigator need to hear and while talking about Easter we were able to answer their questions as well! I am so grateful that we were both in tune with the Spirit well enough to do exactly what was needed and not what was planned.

We had a few other excellent lessons this week and had the opportunity to fast together for our area on Easter and then visit a few members that evening since we weren’t allowed to be out tracting that day. I was so strengthened by the member’s testimonies!

The ice is melting here in Jyväskylä and Sister Yost and I have been out running for a few mornings now. It’s so nice to feel the fresh air and be invigorated for the day! We’re taking care of our bodies so we can take care of our spirits too!

I love being with Sister Yost because I feel like she already knows me like an old friend and we’ve barely had two weeks together! She once remarked to me, It’s nice, I feel like we didn’t even have an awkward stage together! It’s so true. Heavenly Father has blessed me with excellent companions who love this work and care about their companion. 🙂 I’m so grateful!

This week is General Conference and I’m so excited to hear from the General Authorities of the church. Take a few questions to get answers to and I will too!

I love you all!

I’m happy and safe in Finland and my heart goes out to those missionaries in Belgium and their families and friends this week.


Keep up the good work!

Sister Adams 🙂

Sisar Adams

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