Miracles of Conference

Dearest Family and Friends!
This is a time for rejoicing! It was a fantastic General Conference and I learned a lot! It was great to be watching live for a couple of sessions with you all and to see the other ones a little while later when you were all asleep! Now it’s time for me to apply all of the beautiful things I learned, and perhaps more importantly the feelings I felt.
Thank you, Mommy for an excellent package! It came on the perfect day for me to wear my new outfits to General Conference! 🙂 Sister Yost and I loved your Easter gift!

American Gum

Some miracles for the week:
Our two investigators both came to General Conference! Wow! It was impeccable to have one investigator on either side, Sister Yost by my side. We didn’t think that one of them would attend at all, but General Conference draws people in because the power is so strong. All we had to do was follow the Lord’s will, listen to our investigator, testify to him that General Conference would help him find the answers he was searching for, and keep calling and texting him to make sure he would actually be there. (That one is important because, as I learned this week, when people know that you care and that you want them to be there, they are way more likely to come!)
It was one of my happiest moments as a missionary when this investigator turned over to Sister Yost and I on Saturday and said, there’s another meeting like this tomorrow, right? We said, “Yes! And we’d love to have you here!” (Just in Finnish of course) 😉
He watched two sessions with us and a third at home, and when we taught him a lesson yesterday he talked all about President Monson’s talk and how choices shape our lives. Wow, It was amazing!
I know that God watches over us. I really loved the theme I got in General Conference that we need to rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are here to help us and all we have to do is reach up and accept their help. I felt an overwhelming love as I watched and realized that God truly loves us. Have faith. Just know that when you choose the right although it isn’t always easy, it is helping you become the child of God with divine potential.
Just pray, read your scriptures, go to church, love God and other people and BE HAPPY!
I love you all and I pray for you! There is no greater work than doing the will of Lord (whether that be as a missionary or in any other walk of life!)
He loves you.
I love you too!
Heipä Hei!
Sisar Adams

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