A Week of Travels!

Hello everyone!

This week was a week of travels! Members in our ward gave us bikes and helmets to borrow and we’ve taken off riding almost every day since. It has been tough, exhilarating, and an answer to our prayers of how to help our precious area of Jyväskylä! I’m so grateful!

Speaking of travels we went to Tampere again! This time it was for Stake Conference and Saturday night we stayed with Sister Kokkonen and Sister Carter in Tampere (different apartment than last week 🙂 ). I went with Sister Kokkonen who also took Finnish at BYU and I met her once before my mission. I never thought we would be waiting for a bus together after Stake Conference eating a banana! Haha. She follows the Spirit really well and she felt like we should take a certain bus on our search to find her missing glasses (which we never found) and on that bus instead of relocating her glasses we spoke to a man about the gospel. He opened up to us about his life and starting crying right there on the bus. We told him that Heavenly Father loves him and wants to help him and we want to teach him more about God and Jesus Christ. He was still very sad, but as he was openly weeping he said that maybe God had sent us to find him that day in his grief. Wow. I know that that is true. It’s not often that you hear people say that to you, but when you do, especially after standing by your bus choice, you know that it is of God. He gave us his phone number to set up an appointment. Although I will likely never teach him I am grateful for that experience for teaching me that when we are worthy God can lead us to the people who need Jesus Christ. He really does prepare people for us and He answers our prayers. It’s not always in the way we expect, as shown by the fact that Sister Kokkonen did not find her lost glasses on that bus, but He blessed us so much more by finding a soul who need the word of God in his life. And what’s more, Sister Kokkonen said it was probably about time for her to buy new glasses anyway!


With the Sisters Serving in Tampere

I’m so grateful for Heavenly Father’s hand in my life. I know He is there.

In other miracles….we got let in tracting this week in one of our new areas! God is kind. 🙂

I know God lives and that as we are active in the gospel, and not just the church, we will see the fruits of our labors, feel the warmth of the gospel, know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are supporting us in our righteous endeavors, and that we each have divine potential.

Draw near unto God and He will draw near unto you. I know this is true!

Thank you all for all of your support! I pray for all of you each day and as I’m putting God first in my life I know He is allowing Sister Yost and I to make a difference here in Jyväskylä! We’ve really seen the work picking up this past week!

Other cool things:

A General Authority from Costa Rica spoke to our Stake!

Sister Yost and I taught piano lessons! I think it will be a good

“finding investigators activity!”

Well, lots of love to you all!


Sister Adams 🙂

Sisar Adams

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