The Magical Land of Kerava Where Trains and Planes Go By

Hello family! And friends too of course!
Well before anything about myself, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Please everyone wish my wonderful Daddio a Happy Birthday on the 29th this week! He’s done so much for me and other people and I’m so grateful for his example of righteousness and following Jesus Christ in his life. Thank you Dad! I hope it’s a good one and you enjoy the Finnish chocolate! I love you, Daddio!
Second! Happy Graduation to Andrew and David! I am proud of you two for graduating from Seminary this past week! It’s so worth it! And it will bless you so much on your missions! Enjoy you last week of high school and just know this isn’t the end, it’s the beginning! I love you both!
This has been another wonderful week in the beautiful land of Finland! I already love Kerava and Sister Albiston to much! she is actually from New Hampshire (Bedford to be exact) and not New York like I said last week, whoops! 😉 she is wonderful!
Kerava! The magical land!

Kerava! The magical land!

Transfering was quite the process, but very fun too! Sister Yost and I took trains together to Tampere, then Tikkurila, and then split off to Kerava and Lahti where I met Sister Albiston! She is amazing! I felt so loved by here already the first day we were companions and the next day when we were contacting a former investigator from the area book they asked, so do you all move around Finland all the time and change companions? How long have you two known each other? We looked back at here and said, yesterday! Afterwards we laughed because it’s amazing how being a missionary allows you to move to a place you’ve never been before (multiple times throughout your mission) and start being with a complete stranger 24-7 and you can have complete trust in them. It’s such a blessing!  We didn’t even realize we had know each other for one day because we are already friends!
My new beautiful home in the forest!

My new beautiful home in the forest!

Sister Albiston is so happy even when things don’t go our way. she is herself no matter who is around and I love that about her! She loves to laugh and make jokes and almost every day she reminds me of Ashley (my beautiful wonderful cousin!). Really though, Ashley, sometimes I think you’re right here! I love it! But don’t worry, you’ll never be replaced in my heart! You’re just making it so easy to love my companion! We get along really well, and we have already seen some miracles while teaching together! It’s going to be a good transfer!
The Fantastic Four!

The Fantastic Four! Sister Yost, me, Sister Albiston (new companion), and Sister Margetts on our trip home after the baptism!

 The baptism was amazing! The time is gone, but she is baptized and it was so good to see Sister Yost! I love her!
Sister Adams
Sisar Adams

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