Highlights of the week!

Hei kaikille!

It’s been a warm week in Kerava! and there have been some really great highlights! Summer is here and that means the sun basically never sets. We’re building up to the longest day of the year (sunshine wise) in this month!

Longest Day

Building Up to Longest Day of Year

This week we had a lot of lessons fall through which means we had a lot more finding time out in the sun. As a missionary I just have to remind myself on those days that I’m doing my best and that we will find the people we need to find when they are ready and if we are working according to the Lord’s will. 🙂

But, despite the heat and a few unexpected changes in plans, this week had some great highlights! Here are a few!

1) We had interviews with President Watson and he and his wife drove us home from the chapel in their test-car for the day. It can parallel park itself and has a sun roof that is the whole roof! 🙂 It’s always good to see President Watson. He’s so good at letting you know you’re doing a good job!

2) Sunday night a little after 8 pm (when we have to stop tracting) we were walking the streets of Kerava talking to people and a car honked at us. We thought, “Who could that be? there are only 30 active members here and most of them don’t have cars, much less would they honk at us!” Well, lo and behold it was President Watson again! He pulled over and out jumped him and his wife and then his daughter and son-in-law who are visiting. It was great to see them. They had just come from going to church in Jyväskylä (4 hours away–my last area) and it made my heart sting a bit, but he was able to assure me that all was well with the recent convert!

The funniest part was when two drunk men came up and started talking to the whole group of us, and we kindly got them to go away. The visitors were quite surprised and it’s not very many people who can say they talked to drunk people with their mission president and his family! Haha, don’t worry Mom, they were harmless. I promise. 🙂

3) A less active member asked us to come clean her house in preparation for her wedding! We got to share a spiritual thought and she made us real reindeer and cloudberries on ice cream for dessert! The menu was straight from Lapland!

4) FHE with a few member families and a less-active member! We testified of our greatest message–the Restoration!

More about Kerava next week!

The greatest lesson I learned this week was about preparation and the power of prepare with the Lord on your side!

Go read Alma 4849 and look for how Moroni prepared and the Lord helped him prepare everything so the Lamanites could not destroy them!

I know Heavenly Father helps us as we diligently prepare ourselves daily spiritually, physically, and mentally. He will help us as we consistently
do our own part! I rejoice in the great truth!

I love you all!


Sister Adams 🙂

Sisar Adams

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