A Wonderful Week

Hello all!

Well firstly, here’s a little bit of background on my area! Kerava is about an hour from Helsinki and has about 30 active members. We teach lots of foreigners!

Well this week started out with my first trip to Hesburger (since 4 years ago with my mom)  to celebrate my 9 months as a missionary! (Mom, can you believe I hit my official half way mark on the 19th this week? Don’t get trunky on me. 😉 ) The time sure does fly! Hesburger is Finland’s own fast food burger place and it’s delicious!



Right after that we went to my first ward council meeting here in Kerava where a member gave us salmiakki (salty black licorice) filled normal black licorice, and we actually liked it!
Finnish Candy

Finnish Candy

The next day (Thursday) we had Splits here in Kerava! Sister Herrman from Sister Jordan’s MTC group came and so did my friend Sister McAllister! She was Sister Albiston’s companion in the MTC! Sister Herrman and I got to teach a new investigator for the first time with a wonderful sister in our ward. He grew up close to an LDS church and knew who we were because of our name tags! He had been looking for a place to worship here in Finland because he doesn’t speak Finnish (sorry I can’t tell you where he’s from–privacy laws!). It was such an evidence of the Lord preparing people because he just wants so badly to follow Jesus Christ! And even though we thought he would be out of town this week and not make it to church, he came! He called us Saturday saying, “I’m not traveling anymore, what time is church?” He only stayed for sacrament meeting this time, but he’ll come to more next week. We had another investigator in relief society!

Sister McAllister and Sister Adams

Sister McAllister and Sister Adams

Sister McAllister and I on splits in the train station on our way back from tracting!
Sister Adams with Sister Herrman

Sister Adams with Sister Herrman

Miracle story of trying to “get past the no” in contacts!
A woman passed us in a park and said she didn’t “jaksa”  *(have energy) to talk to us, so I quickly said something like “very briefly, this is the Book of Mormon. It’s another testament of Jesus Christ and I know it can bring you peace and happiness because it has done so for me.” she stopped and listened and the next thing we knew she was telling us that her husband passed away last year and that nature brings her peace. We talked to her about Jesus Christ and the gospel and I marked my favorite scripture on the Atonement for her in the Book of Mormon. she didn’t want to meet with us anymore at this time, but the Spirit was so strong with her and she thanked us and hugged us both tightly at the end of the contact. I am so grateful for that moment! It was a lesson also in inspired planning because during weekly planning we had planned to contact in an unusual area and there she was. She even said that this was guidance for her because she chose this path instead of another!

Beautiful backroads walk

Beautiful back roads walk that we took contacting on Friday night!

Does it look like home on Finlandia Ranch? This is a beautiful back roads walk that we took contacting on Friday night! It is ihana! Wonderful! I feel like I’m in Idaho all the time!

Cute flower boxes!

Cute flower boxes!

Sister Wade and a senior couple came to church in Kerava and help with cleaning inspection! I love her!

With Sister Wade

With Sister Wade

I hope you all personally study the scriptures each day! It is where our spiritual energy comes from!
That’s all I have time for today!

I love you all!
Sister Adams 🙂
Sisar Adams

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