Two by Two, surprise!

Well hello everyone!
In a crazy change of events, Sister Albiston and I have been transferred out of Kerava together and are now serving together in Lahti! Just 30-45 minutes away from Kerava, but we are back in the Tampere zone! well I am…. It’s Sister Albiston’s first time here. 🙂
It’s been a pretty faith building week as I saw so many miracles take place. This transfer was unexpected (in the middle of the transfer) for everyone involved, but I know that Heavenly Father has a purpose in it! and although I don’t know his whole plan, I have seen many tender mercies along the way!
1) I stayed with my companion! She really is the best!
2) Sisters were put back into my Finnish home of Jyväskylä and I got to hear just a bit about how the people are doing there! My last companion, Sister Yost went right back to Jyväskylä (where we were together) with her companion Sister Margetts, and we took their place in Lahti. I know the elders have been doing a good job taking care of our recent convert up there, but I’m glad she has sisters again!
3) I got a big surprise when our first dinner appointment with members in Lahti was with the parents of the wife of my bishop in Jyväskylä (confusing, right? 🙂 ) and I got to see them! They were down visiting for Juhannus, the big Finnish holiday celebrating the summer solstice. You always wonder if ward members will remember you, so it was a tender mercy for me when bishop’s wife came up to me at church and gave me a big hug! She told me the other recent converts I taught are doing really well (they are a family), and that both of the parents had recently given talks.
As a missionary, when you teach people, you grow to love them, and when you help them along their spiritual path to Jesus Christ, it’s almost like you are their parents, so it’s so wonderful to hear they are doing well! I now have just a small taste of what you two are going through with me miles away, Mom and Dad! 🙂

4) Kerava is in very good hands. We got to pow wow for about an hour at the Mission Home and give the Elders who were replacing us the run down of what is going on in Kerava. We were given permission to call them to make sure they knew a few things about the area, and we were ECSTATIC to hear that our (now former) investigator who is getting baptized on July 16th, came to church and had already had a lesson with the elders! We were so happy! It was a testimony builder to me that he is ready to learn about the gospel when, despite being really sad we were leaving (we were his very first friends in Finland, he told us) he was still ready to learn from the elders and prepare for baptism. We told him they would take really good care of him, and I know they are!

billowing clouds on Juhannus 🙂


outside our apartment in Lahti


Our new place!


We love our deck!


Makkara for Juhannus!


New place!

I’ve had some pretty interesting transfers here since both times now, both me and my companion have left the city at the same time, sisters have been completely removed from the city, and we have left an investigator with an upcoming baptismal date. But I know that Heavenly Father moves us missionaries around when we need to be moved, with whom we need to be, and He always allows others to care for the precious souls we have learned to love. I am so thankful for the testimony that I have of prayer.
I know Heavenly Father truly listens to us. He wants to hear from us and He wants us to listen to the answers He gives. He loves us, and when we put Him first and trust in Him, everything will work out for our good, because He knows better than us. As we pray the the Spirit will direct our prayers, we will know what to pray for, and Heavenly Father will be able to help us better. I challenge you to all pray for the Spirit’s direction in your prayers this week. I’m doing the same! I promise it will bless you!
I love you all so much! Heavenly Father protects us and He loves us!
Love always,
Sister Adams
PS Brothers, please write me!! 🙂
Up next week: The adventures of discovering a new area that we don’t know at all! The land of Lahti…. 🙂

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