Happy 4th of July!

Hello everyone!

This will be a quick one this week!
Sister Albiston and I had a great week here in Lahti! We got lost a couple of times, and once had to wait an hour at a bus stop after visiting a less active who lived 45 minutes away. (We watched that bus drive right by on the “wrong” side of the road…we were misinformed, haha). But all in all we are actually being blessed to navigate very well through the complicated bus system here! I’m grateful for buses!
In terms of great miracles, after Fast Sunday two days ago we were incredibly blessed to be shown one of our great purposes here in Lahti. We were both struggling to figure out how we could help the people here,but we found a former investigator and we are challenging her to baptism tonight!
Please pray for her!
I love you all!
Sister Adams
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
A happy half birthday to Andrew and David!
And Happy 4th of July to all! 🙂

Sister Albiston and I waiting at a bus stop after a Sunday dinner with some ward members
A cool church (don’t know which denomination) in our far out area where we were visiting a less active

Sisar Adams

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