My trainer’s going home next week! I’m getting old!

Our matching scarves

Our matching scarves from my Momma!

Hey all my family and friends!

Email me before Monday this week because….(see below)
This is a crazy week for me as transfer calls  (remember I just got transferred three weeks ago, haha) are coming on Friday which means that next week my trainer, Sister Jordan will be home, and just 2 months later both of my companions, Sister Yost and Sister Albiston will be home as well! Not to mention that, next week 4 of my 8 transfers in Finland will be over! I still have so much work to do for the Lord here, so please pray for me to be able to do all of the things that the Lord wants me to do!
We are pretty sure our Kerava investigator is getting baptized this week! Hooray!
We are still getting used to the area, but we have faith we are here for a reason! Our investigator I told about last week, has been pretty flaky, and we are a little bit heart broken, but as Joseph Smith liked to say, sometimes the Lord has to pull you down just a bit before He can lift you way up! 🙂
We are working with a lot of less actives and trying to get them back to church! 🙂
Progress and change are an important part of this life on earth! And the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our individual testimony. Keep reading it! It will bless you every day with spiritual power and protection! I have seen this in my own life. It is so true!
As you study and seek answers, remember to study it out in your own mind, and then verify it with the Lord, He will direct you on the right path.
I love you all so much!
Put in your guesses for transfer calls. This’ll be a tricky one!
Lots of love!
Sisar Adams

Pic 1: We made pulla! I was the brains (sitting on the couch with a Finnish dictionary) and Sister Albiston was the brawn (and talent, baking everything!) Team work makes the dream work!


We made pulla!

Pic 2: The District! Me, Sister Albiston, Elder Ford, Elder Bowden, Elder Buhler, Elder Hastings

Elders Bowden and Buhler are both from my MTC group–it’s a blast! I have always had someone from my MTC group in my District! And 9 of the 10 months (take out Kerava) Elder Bowden has been in it.


The District! Me, Sister Albiston, Elder Ford, Elder Bowden, Elder Buhler, Elder Hastings


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