The Mini Missionary

Well hello family and friends!

It’s been another fantastic week here in Lappeenranta, Southern Karelia, Finland! And now there are 3 of us!

Yesterday after a week of fast, prayerful, and intensive preparations and planning we now have a mini missionary in our midst! My second companion from Espoo, Finland! Wahoo! If you read this on Facebook, Roope, just think of how cool that is! Her name is Sisar Maria Leppänen, the sister of Sisar Leppänen who was in the MTC with me for 8 weeks on her way to Japan, and the next door neighbor (or at least close by) of Sisar Miisa Saarinen, my former companion. Wow. the world is small and Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.

Although the 3 of us have had less than 24 hours together, we are getting along so well already! I’ll give you a brief run down and then tell you about the rest of the week!


This is us! The happy trio for the week! Sisar Willoughby, Sisar Leppänen, and me!


Thanks for sending us mail everyone who does! We love it! Sisar Willoughby and I got “DearElders” on the same day!

We picked up Sister Leppänen just after 6pm after a day of many preparations (picking up bus cards, getting shoulder prescriptions from the pharmacy, etc.) It seemed like a day that would neeever end. And Sisar Willoughby was so cheerful and helpful and positive throughout the entire thing! I was so exhausted by the time we got back for dinner (all of my previous companions say the exhaustion just gets worse every month of your mission, but it’s still worth it!) I didn’t know I was going to have the energy to become a “mini missionary trainer” in less than an hour, but somehow, Heavenly Father blessed me with the energy I needed. Right up until she came, I was about to keel over, but the minute I was required to step up to the call, I was given the stamina, clarity of thinking, and the calm comfort and assurance that comes from the gift of the Holy Ghost. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father helped me yesterday and that He is ready to help us always as we do what He asks of us (be that as full-time missionaries or not!)

Well, after a companionship orientation meeting at President Watson’s suggestion, we did a few role pays of how to contact people outside, and we hit the streets! She did such a good job of testifying and we gave out 2 copies of the Book of Mormon together!

The rest of the week we taught an awesome recent convert, and an investigator who has been coming to church for 2 years! Pray that as we back off of trying to force him to baptism (we’ve felt he needs some space) he will be ready himslef and be able to make that decision personally. 🙂

We have a cute little branch here of about 30 people and church is only two hours long. Everyone is so friendly!

I love it here because people are more outgoing and during this time of year there are many from around the world!

This week I learned that it is so important to help others build gospel sharing homes. I am so glad that I was raised in one! Thanks Mom and Dad!

I hope you all have a great week!

Lots of love,
Sisar Adams 🙂

a beautiful light shot!


The beautiful pit stop area on the way to Mikkeli for District Meeting.


Mustikkapiirakka from a ward member! Blueberry pie!


We gave her Junior Mints since she’s a Junior Missionary and Canada Dry because of Sisar Willoughby!


Yumm. All the berries in Finland!


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