New investigators coming out of the woodwork!

Hello family!! and you too my friends!
Well, I sent some longer emails to specific family members this week, and I’m out of time, but I just want to say:
Thank you all for your prayers! We saw many, many new people being touched by the gospel this week and 3 of them became new investigators! Please keep praying for them! The work is going well, but we can always use Heavenly Father’s help! We can’t do it without him!
Also! Go look up 1 Nephi 15:7-11 It talks about how our Heavenly Father loves us ALL so very much and that if we will just humble ourselves, if we will simply soften our hearts and ask Him, He PROMISES to make things known unto us. I love this scripture and I know that it is true!
I love you all!
Miracles have not ceased, neither has God ceased to speak to His children!
Sisar Adams 🙂
Pic 1: Sisar Hales came to visit! She served in Finland, went home a month ago, and is back with her parents. (At dinner at a member’s house!)

Sisters Adams, Hales and Willoughby

Pic 2: While still with Sisar Leppänen we cleaned a lady’s house in our ward after she moved out of it. Well, she is wonderful and when she saw us on the street this week she insisted on buying us each one of these delicious treats! Mine was cloud berry jam on top! The ward takes such good care of us! The same lady came to a lesson with us just two days later. We are so loved. 🙂

Cloud berry Jam on the right

Pic 3: Bought these (gooseberries ?) from a tori (outdoor market place) in Mikkeli before District Meeting. Yummmm….

Pic 4: Sister Willoughby and I have been cooking and experimenting a lot together and it so much fun! This week she thought of making fried cinnamon sugar apples! Delicious!


Pic 5: a cool boat at the harbor 🙂


Pic 6: Lappeenranta has lots of interesting old buildings!



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