The Scouts’ Motto: Leave it better than you found it!

Hey all!
This week so much has changed, but it’s all been for the better! Ironically, we as missionaries have “get used to” changing all the time. But how can we improve if we don’t change?
This week we moved out officially! We did our best to scrub literally ever nook and cranny of that old apartment and leave it sparkling for the buyer coming the next day! We saw a miracle as ward members rallied around us on a call to help and get things done quickly, and we got the move and cleaning done in 36 hours! We even took a moment to leave a note, Book of Mormon, picture of Christ, and Fazer chocolate for our previous landlady! Scout’s motto number 1!

We left a Book of Mormon, nice notes of gratitude, and some Fazer chocolate for our previous landlady. (this picture is prepackaging) Hope she liked it! 😉


Our cute old apartment! We had some good times there, but we’ve already had some good times in the new one too!

A family in our ward has been helping us with the new apartment this week as it is still slightly under remodel and we don’t currently have a shower, washing machine, or bathroom sink!

 Sidenote: Haha, but that’s okay because we have a sauna room in the basement where we go to use the shower every morning and we even took the Sister Training Leaders down there with a breakfast picnic this week. Still don’t get to use the actual sauna, but it’s the closest we’ll get as missionaries! 🙂
The members have been AMAZING! They took our laundry home to wash it for us, they installed things we need, and they keep us posted on when workers are coming in so we can be out of the apartment! (We’ve done most of our studies at the church this week–even weekly planning and meals sometimes! Haha) The members are saints. Really though. Scouts’ motto number 2!
Our investigator found a place to live and moved out of the member’s house this week. Even though his accommodations were free and out of love, he left a gift of gratitude and 50 Euros for the member. As a gift of gratitude for us teaching him about the gospel our investigator gave us some natural olive oil and some canned spicy peppers from his country. Scout’s motto number 3!

Gifts from our investigator 🙂

After a week of moving we were pretty tired so the Sister training leaders came to visit yesterday (okay this was preplanned for exchanges, but the Lord’s timing was in it and I bet they prayed about when to come!) They got us going again with great morning runs, had a FANTASTIC day of diligence (we beat our weekly Book of Mormon goal in one day), taught two amazing lessons by the Spirit and in great unity, took a member who is preparing for a mission tracting with us and we got in to teach, and so many more things! They truly revamped us and they even helped cook lunch, made beds, washed our dishes, helped organize our new kitchen, and made us laugh all day while doing the best of missionary work! In short, they gave us energy and SO MUCH LOVE: It was awesome. Scout’s motto number 4!
A super quick miracle story! Saturday night we were contacting around the center and Sister Willoughby said, “let’s sit down and call this certain investigator. It’s been awhile.” It hadn’t been on my mind, but she had the thought so we did it! We called and talked for awhile. It has been hard to schedule because they live far away and we were trying to get them to come see the church. He (the father) said that he wasn’t changing religions and the the Book of Mormon was the same thing as the Bible. We taught a brief Restoration lesson via phone, but he didn’t sound too interested. We felt liked he had pretty much dropped us (that means said he didn’t want to learn anymore.)
Well, the very next night we were fast walking to make it to the train station in time to pick up the sister training leaders and they drove past us. The son was driving and rolled down the window to wave. We waved back and hurried on our way so we could be on time. They turned the same way, zoomed ahead and pulled over. They even got out of the car to wait for us. In quick decision making Sister Willoughby and I counseled together and decided to call the Sister Training Leaders. We told them what was going on and they said the talk to the investigators; they themselves could wait! We spoke to the briefly and the son wanted to meet! We set up an appointment to show them the church for the very next morning and they came! Another miracle was that we found a member to come along. Sister Cardon and I taught and shared the sacrament prayer with them in the chapel. Their faces were glowing and they want to keep learning now.

Their departure this morning! (Sister McAllister with brown hair and Sister Cardon with blond.)


We got some ice cream to celebrate a great day!

Our goal as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ. We do that by teaching the restored doctrine in a way that can personally meet their needs. We lift, we strengthen, we testify by the Spirit, and we invite them to action so they can build their faith and experience the blessings of the gospel. We try to follow the example of the Savior Jesus Christ and leave each and everyone one of them better than we found them. Scouts’ motto number 5! 🙂
I know that this gospel is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves us! Heavenly Father speaks to us again today personally and through a prophet who has the restored priesthood authority, the power to act in God’s name.
I testify that as we are diligent in seeking the Lord’s will in our lives and performing it without delay we will find joy and peace. We will help our fellowman, fulfill our baptismal covenant and we will find true happiness. Read 2 Nephi 4:16. 🙂 I love my Heavenly Father and I love the Lord’s work. I am LOVING my mission!
I am so grateful for all of you and your examples to me!
All my love,
Sisar Adams 🙂


Out for our morning run!


Just discovered this golf course by our new house this morning!


Sister Cardon and I ran down for a quick picture at the hidden beach behind our tracting area. (same place we took Sisar Leppänen for a picnic before tracting!)


Lappeenranta is seriously the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! 🙂


Went out to eat with the Sister Training Leaders. When I asked how big the calzones were and he estimated with his hands I didn’t believe so I went ahead and got it. Wow! It was huge! Good thing for take out boxes! 🙂


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