Blessings in Disguise

Hey family!

It’s been a great week here in Lappeenranta Finland! Here’s a bit into my week!

The new apartment is doing well! Things are pretty much all organized, and we should have our shower and washing machine and bathroom sink today! Hip hip hooray! I am just so grateful that ward members and the mission office are kind enough to take care of these arrangements for us so that we can keep going with our missionary work. That is seriously SUCH a blessing. I’m so thankful for this time to be completely consecrated to the Lord and bringing souls unto Him.


Taking a “hetki” 🙂

This week we’ve met a lot of people who have tried to ”bless” us, telling us that they hope we find Jesus, and asking ”Are you sure that you’re on your way to heaven?” It’s sometimes a bit frustrating to talk to these people because we are just trying to help them and they are just trying to help us! And neither of us is getting anywhere really, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been blessed with patience and charity, real love for these people, even though they don’t really listen to what we have to say. It’s come over many months and a lot of praying in the moment to know what to do. Generally they don’t take a Book of Mormon, don’t want to learn more, but they are kind because we are kind to them, and a lot of them have said that they respect us. A Lutheran man last night told us that we are incredibly courageous to be out here talking about Jesus Christ. I said, you are too! And he said, oh no I’m not, I just talk about these things with me friends, but you two are out here on the streets talking to everyone you see. That’s courageous! Wow. That was so kind of him! It made me feel good to realize the good that we do is not always unnoticed. As it has been said, ”No effort is wasted.” And that goes for member missionaries too!

We’ve seen some miracles again this week and we also have some things we like to request prayers for!

Firstly! Our investigator is progressing so well towards his baptismal date on October 8th! He just texted us the other day asking if we could potentially meet to teach him 3 times a week because he just wants to progress as quickly as possible. Wow! He’s amazing. And that was a cool miracle because we had just decided we wanted to meet that often, we just hadn’t told him yet! He needs some prayers to change some things in his life (which I will keep private), and he’s doing so well! But please pray for him.

Second! Because of zone meeting later this week and other planned lessons, we weren’t going to have time to meet with a certain less active who we meet with weekly. We had planned a time to meet with her, but it didn’t work for her schedule and we kept going over our week’s schedule, not knowing where to put her in. Well, yesterday was an excellent ”finding” day (we spent a lot of time finding people to teach) and we had been out tracting in her area during the afternoon. We thought we had some extra time before the bus, but we had finished tracting the buildings that we normally visit there. So, we looked in our tracting book and realized there was one other building on the street that Sister Willoughby and Sister Carter (her previous companion) hadn’t been able to find, and we went to look for it! We found it and pretty quickly gave away 2 Book of Mormons (that doesn’t usually happen that fast).

Well, we were feeling pretty good until we missed our bus which made us late in for dinner and then late back out to tract again. Long story short, I was feeling kind of guilty, worried that we had messed up the days plans, but Heavenly Father soon revealed His hand in the work. As we were waiting for the bus to go back out, our investigator called us. He just needed to hear our voices for a moment to have the strength to make a righteous decision in that moment. (It was so tender to hear that from him.) He overcame his temptation and Sister Willougby and I realized that if we hadn’t been waiting to go back out then our phone would have been silenced and we wouldn’t have been available in his moment of need. BLESSINGS.

But now on to the less active member. Our call with the investigator was brief, and we hopped on the bus going to our tracting area. We sat backwards to talk to a girl about the Book of Mormon, and after the conversation we saw the less active member a few rows back! With a quick companionship counsel we decided to go talk to her and ask if she would have time right then for us to just come over and read the Book of Mormon with her since our schedule would be a little abnormal this week. She agreed! We went over and just read with her. It was a small change of our plans (which we usually adhere strictly to in order to find the people the Lord has been planning to put in our paths), but Sister Willoughby and I both felt that this day, this was the Lord putting someone in our path. And it all happened because we were led to the miracle tracting building, missed our bus, and had to push our dinner a little farther back. To top it all off, after the ”lesson” we went back to the miracle building and gave out another Book of Mormon. I told Sister Willoughby, the Lord must saved this building until now for a reason!

Lesson learned, sometimes our blessings look like trials, so just do your best, trust in the Lord, and He will take care of the rest!

Also, I’m emailing a bit later than usual because our computers in the library wouldn’t work in either place. When we walked to the front desk to leave, a potential investigator that we met with our mini missionary (Sisar Leppänen, it’s the hippie guy) was standing there and was excited to see us. Long story short we thought he stood us up for an appointment 4-5 weeks ago and never responded, but he got lost, some crazy things happened and he met our investigator with the October 8th baptismal date on the street and got thinking about the church again. Then today he said, “I’m so excited to see you sisters. Everything happens for a reason.” And he proceeded to put 5 different reminders on his phone to come to church this Sunday. What?! What an unexpected miracle! And we thought we were just having technical difficulties. God is good.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior and He loves us. All we have to do is be stripped of our pride (I’ll be the first one to say that it’s easier said than done!) and come unto Him. If we want to find true happiness we will put aside our selfish desires, our thoughts of “I know better than God.”, and we will truly seek to ask Him “What lack I yet?” I’ve started to do this on my mission, and I testify that when we do what Heavenly Father asks us to do, even if it makes absolutely no sense to us, we will be right, because He is always right. He loves us and He loves us. Of this I testify, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all! Have an excellent week!


Sisar Adams

PS Transfers calls are this Friday, so submit your guesses for what’s happening!

And please also pray that we will be able to meet with the church tour investigators from last week. Please and thank you. Okay, I promise that’s all! Bye! 🙂


Our pressed flowers. Sister Willoughby has really gotten me into this!


Selfie! She was looking at her own camera…..


Flowers at the satama!

Sisar Adams

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