A Mother’s Love ❤

FAMILY!! I love you so, so, so much!Gah! It is such a good day today and it is amazing how in the darkest or hardest of times when the storm breaks and the sun shines through that’s when you feel the most amazing joy. Without opposition in our lives we would not know how to feel joy! It is such a blessing and I’ll you about it further down in this email, but first… TRANSFER CALLS!

So, drum roll please….?  Mom, I get to stay in Lappeenranta!! Hooray! I do love it here so, so much. When I first got the call to come here I thought, man I’m moving again? But the moment I walked into the train station with Sister Willoughby I felt like it was home. And now even though we are in a new apartment (which now has a shower, washing machine, curtains, and a kitchen sink 😉 ) it still feels like home to me. I love it so much. I’m so thankful to my Heavenly Father for all of the crazy transfer calls that led me to being here. 🙂


Our Pday trip with the members. Viipuri is somewhere back there behind us! Don’t worry we were still in Finland. 🙂

Oh, also my companion! I don’t yet know who she will be because I’m TRAINING. 😀 I thought I would be a lot more nervous than I am. But this week in Zone Training Meeting President Watson prepped us all for a big change by talking about how change happens, it’s important for our growth, and we all needed to prepare for the change. Well, Sister Willoughby and I did our best to mentally and spiritually prepare and here we are. I’m getting an ihan greenie (Finnglish) and Sister Willoughby is being called up to senior companion to finishing Sister Wilson’s training in Neitsytpolku! She’s going to be great! 🙂

Well, that’s all about the future, but here’s an update on the past week or so!

It’s been incredible.

We still have our investigator on date for baptism on October 8th. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. Tuesday night we had an incredible lesson on the Sabbath Day, praying, and reading with him. We brought along an awesome member and a fantastic return missionary who just got back a week and a half ago. This return missionary gave our investigator a blessing and the Spirit was so strong there. I recorded in my journal that that might have been the most strongly I have ever felt the Spirit in a lesson before. The investigator has such a sincere desire to change, he’s just facing some difficulties.

Well, Saturday night we had our third lesson for the week scheduled with him and could not find a member to come. I mean we had called literally everyone. We asked an awesome member who we had already asked to a lesson earlier that day as a last resort and she replied that her son (this return missionary) could come and bring along his friend who he was going to hang out with that night (his friend was a girl so it would fit the requirements of us not being alone with men). Well we called up the return missionary saying thanks! Your mom said your could come! He had no idea what we were talking about, but he laughed, called her, and sent us a text right back saying they could make it! Wow. Such a blessing.

It was one of the tougher lessons in the sense that we really needed to address some concerns so it went a bit longer than usual and it took a lot of personal prayer during the lesson to know what to do and how to help. The RM and his friend bore amazing testimony and gave great help as we taught and addressed his concerns. After the lesson I thanked them profusely and apologized that it had gone a bit longer than usual due to addressing the concerns. This wonderful sister looked right at me grinning and said ”Best Saturday night ever spent!” That touched my heart deeply. I am SO grateful for the example of testimony filled young people! And old and middle aged too! They are amazing. So, to all of you, never doubt the help you can be to the Lord and the missionaries in this great work.

Well, things got tougher as the next morning we woke up and saw a text from our investigator in the middle of the night. He was feeling very discouraged and like he couldn’t do this. I don’t think I can yet imagine truly what it’s like to be a mother, but having investigators is potentially the closest thing! Sister Willoughby and I mourned for his hurt and did all we could to put into a text message how proud of him we were for his efforts and that through Jesus Christ this was all possible. He didn’t respond. We called him three times before church and he didn’t answer. He didn’t show up. We called a couple more times and sent another text and prayed our hearts out. All day and night long. This morning there was still nothing. But then literally just as we got on to start emailing he said that he would come to Family Home Evening tonight because he has missed not seeing us the past two days. Right after that the RM called us asking, Have you heard from him yet? I just texted him myself. How can I help you sisters this week? Wow. We are still teaching our investigator. He needs a lot of prayers from all of you right now, please, please, please. And we have a powerful lesson to teach tonight about God’s infinite love for us and that it is only because of Jesus Christ, our Savior that we are cleansed from sin. It all starts from faith in Him. I am SO happy and SO grateful that Heavenly Father is helping our investigator become converted and truly repent.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I know that He watches over us and He knows that we have weaknesses. He gave us those weaknesses so that we can be humble. (Ether 12:27) That verse is true just like the rest of the Book of Mormon. I know that Jesus Christ will help us as we let Him in the door of our hearts and our lives. I testify that He truly loves us and He truly knows what we are experiencing in our lives. Turn to Him. Doubt not. Fear not. And always remember that trying is better than not trying. When we attempt to live His commandments, even though we all sometimes fall short (Romans 3:23), we are showing Him that we love Him. Then we need to believe in him and rely on Him through our trials (Ether 12:6) because His hand is revealed not until after the trial of our faith. He loves us so much more than we can comprehend and I pray that our plea to Him will always be like Nephi’s was “Do not slacken my strength because of my afflictions.” (2 Nephi 4:22) He will help us bear our burdens and He will strengthen us to be able to bear them better.

I testify that this is true!

So many other miracles happened this week, but unfortunately I don’t have time to share them. Please pray for all of the missionaries in the Finland, Helsinki Mission with so much change and GROWTH going on. We love you. I love you! And pray for you. And I can always feel your prayers in this work. When there were times this weak that my calling felt heavy my loving companion always reminded me that it is not by the strength of flesh that we perform this work, but by the power and authority of God. When we rely on Him and obey Him He will make all needful things possible.

Praying for all of your success!


Sisar Adams 🙂


Our non official district picture plus two extra elders there in the middle back.


Still going running at least once or twice a week!


Sister Jones! My MTC companion! We celebrated our one year as missionaries 10 days ago and I got to see her this week at zone meeting. She is in the only other companionship of sisters in the whole East Zone! We’re two peas in a pod 🙂

Sisar Adams

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