Red is a Good Color

Well hello there family!

This week so many things have changed again, but each time change happens on my mission I now realize what a good thing it is! We learn from every experience in our lives and they prepare us for the next experiences. Especially on a mission I’ve seen how each companion brings new things to the table and helps me prepare for the future in different ways. I am so thankful that Sister Willoughby was always telling me to be confident in myself, because let me tell you, I saw this week that you have to be confident as a trainer!

Sister Willoughby saying goodbye to Lappeenranta


This is really cool.


My companion for the day at the trainers meeting–Sister Roberts from Florida

I am so thankful to my own trainer, Sister Jordan for helping me so much! And to my other senior companions as well! Shout out to all three of you who are now reading this email from home, Sister Jordan, Sister Yost, and Sister Albiston! Thank you thank you. And yes, I got your letters 😉

This is me and my trainer 10 months ago. 🙂 I’m happy I get all those red heads! 😉

Well… My new companion’s name is Sister Bartusz! She is from Sturovo, Slovakia but is Hungarian! AND I know the missionary who found her–he’s a Finn and I served in his ward. Cool, right? She also has red hair. PS Her 2 year anniversary of being a member of the church in November 1, 2016 so send her letters of congratulations to the same address you send me things! She would be so surprised and happy! 🙂

This is us!! 🙂

No more time today, but my trainee is AWESOME. She speaks excellent Finnish already and she gave away a Book of Mormon with me on the train ride home to Laappeenranta! I am so proud of her!

Sisar Bartusz also knows two of my college roommates Sisters Mercedes Scharrer (sp?) and Sister Taylor McPheeters who served and serve in Slovakia. small world!
Jesus Christ is our Savior! The prophet really speaks in behalf of God- Go watch General Conference this week on!
Love you all!
Sisar Adams

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