A Texting Relationship is Better Than None…at Least in Missionary Work!

Hey all!
The time seriously slipped away! But you all are great!
This week we went to the ER again, buuut! Everything is okay! Sister Bartusz got to be in the exact same bed and was seriously a champ! And the test results said she’s doing IMMENSELY better than last time so they discharged us! Hooray! Seriously, thank you for all of your prayers on her behalf! 🙂 We are both so grateful ❤

Hooray! We got to go outside a little bit! The work is SO REWARDING and enjoyable. I love being a missionary 😀

This we spent the vast majority of time inside, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we weren’t doing missionary work! We set up our excellent follow-up calendar that was started by the previous sisters. I take my hat off to them. 🙂 and Sister Bartusz grew an immense desire to call all of the people in it! I seriously also blessed to have her. It’s like she came pre-trained! She makes phone calls By herself all the time! And while I was cooking dinner a few times I found her on the couch with that area book in her hands writing down people to go visit. She is AWESOME!
We were so blessed to talk to MANY people this week about the gospel via calling and texting. Our district leader, Elder Hoggard (yes, Mom, this is Tuula’s grandson) almost fell off his chair this week when we told him about the work that we had done. The numbers weren’t that of a normal outside all the time week, but they were really close! He exclaimed, “I thought you two were inside all week! what happened?” we laughed and said, yes we were, but the Lord blessed us greatly and the times we were outside, we wanted to be outside so badly that He blessed us to find a potential investigator right as we walked outside the door! (this is seriously true. I am so grateful)
“Well, I know you sisters think it was all just blessings, which is great,” Elder Höggård remarked, “but is there anything else that made the difference?”
We thought about it and it really came down to two things 1) we were so personal with people this week in telling them how the gospel had specifically blessed us, and 2) the AREA BOOK! We have 3 appointments this week with former investigators that we called last week.
We are so blessed. 🙂 ❤
I love you all! This is Christ’s restored church on earth today! There is more knowledge and truth in the Book of Mormon than in any other book on this earth. It is an evidence of God’s love for us. He truly does love us. And He speaks with us today. I testify that this is true!
With all my love and testimony! (Oh! And a smile on my face and an awesome companion!)
Sisar Adams
PS Take care all!
PSS If you all have time, please send me 5-10 sentences about why you are grateful about the Book of Mormon. We will translate it into Finnish and are putting them in every Book of Mormon we give out in November! I got the idea from what my mom does every November. We keep a family list for the whole month of what we are grateful for leading up to Thanksgiving. Anyway! If you have time in the next few weeks we would LOVE it! Thanks!

Shopping on Pday! Fun stuff!


This is how we show our love. Ha ha. There are other ways too.


Kiitos to the Sister Training Leaders.


Last P-day after emailing we went out for Chinese or some delicious Asian food including sushi with these two awesome Sister Training Leaders!


YUM. The sushi…..


we are not sure why there are already Christmas lights in Lappeenranta, but we are not complaining! 😉


a cool church here in Lappeenranta



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