A Great Week! Turning 2!


With her mission president and his wife


At the temple in during training in Espoo, Finland.

Hey all!

Well, Interim was excellent! I learned so much about faith, hope, and charity. Charity really is the greatest of all and without it we are nothing!
I got to go to the TEMPLE this week with Sisar Bartusz and a lot of other missionaries. There is so much peace there. I loved it so much. It had been 9 months and that is the longest I ever want to go without going to the temple!

The temple!

We had an excellent couple of proselyting days where we got a new investigator and 3 investigators came to church! I was miraculous! Sisar Bartusz works miracles over here 🙂 well, to be honest, the Lord is the one doing the miracles. We are just the tools, trying to be as pliable as we can be to achieve the will of the Lord. Striving to do His will every day!
I love you all! today is All Saints Day and Sister Bartusz’s two year mark as a member, so in addition to a lesson and contacting we are going to light a candle at a cemetery. 🙂 She says it’s really special. I’m excited!
I know Jesus Christ lives and He loves us. As we turn to Him, He will mold us into the people we were always meant to become. I testify this is true!
With all my love,
Sisar Adams ❤

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