Remembering our Ancestors

Hey all! So this is my group email!

This week we taught some great investigators! two especially need your prayers to make it into the waters of baptism and do it while combating many trials. They are both so wonderful and that’s about all the detail I am allowed to share with you, but just pray for those investigators in Lappeenranta!

Another investigator has come to church for 3 weeks now and lessons are going well! Pray for him to find his answers please. 🙂


In front of an old train in Mikkeli on the way home from District Meeting.

It was “All Saints Day” in Slovakia last Tuesday so we went to the cemetery. Finland has more candles remembering ancestors on Christmas Eve, but this whole week was a saints week. It was a cool experience! I definitely felt the Spirit of Elijah there! 🙂


At the cemetery on “All Saints Day” lighting a candle together.


So many candles! We lit a candle with our investigator to remember our family members.

I am so grateful for my Finnish ancestry and my ancestry of believers in Jesus Christ. We all have trials in our lives, but I have felt that with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, it is possible to make it through those trials. Sisar Bartusz and I shared some of our favorite scriptures in a lesson this week. Here they are Doctrine and Covenants 18:10-16. Remember, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. 🙂 He loves us!

With all my love!
Sisar Adams

PS It started to snow but that didn’t stop us! I feel even more joy when I’m out in the snow because I know that Heavenly Father is helping me overcome opposition to serve His children, and on just one such night when I didn’t want to go out (being honest here, it was looking cold and windy) I found the motivation and we found a man who has a church member in his family and had just had a death in the family. He took a Book of Mormon and we are meeting with him hopefully this week. He called his relative and told her that these two nice Mormon girls came to his door and that they were just shining and radiating (the member called us to tell us!) Miracles come despite opposition!


It snowed!! (PS thanks for the contacts, Mom! They are working great!) 🙂


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