A Week of Birthdays

Hello all! I hope you had a  Merry Christmas! 

We had a Christmas miracle and a man came to church! He had met missionaries a year ago and has read the entire Book of Mormon! He even remembers who Alma was! This is evidence that no effort is wasted, my friends! He wasn’t quite ready to learn more, but said he might come back to church!

I had a marvelous Christ-filled Christmas with 3 lovely families in our ward, and even though there was no snow, Sister Jones and I basked in the simplicity of Christmas as a missionary and the peace that comes from knowing that Jesus Christ lives and He loves us. 

Looking forward to a great 21st birthday today and teaching and celebrating with a great investigator family!


This is the wonderful family who invited us over for Skype and Christmas dinner plus 3 of our recent converts (all in the photo) They all gave me permission to send this home 🙂 And Mom, they say hi to Jordan Oberhansley.


Me with my new birthday scarf! Thanks Mom and Dad! 😉


My birthday breakfast! I love Finland! Joulutorttu, pulla, riisi puuro and Stephens hot chocolate from my Mommy and family! 🙂

I got three letters on my birthday! Thank you to everyone! Many more came last week and I have a whole wall with them all hanging up!

Love you all!


Sisar Adams 🙂 ❤


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