Starting of the Year Well by Seeing all of my Mission Friends


Se on ollut mahtava viikko! It has been an awesome week!
It all started out with my birthday last P-day! Sister Jones needed to get here hair so I was writing letters when the other hair dresser came up to me asking if I would like a braid. I loved it when people do my hair, so I said yes! Well, let me tell you, that was no ordinary braid, it went all around my head and turned into a beautiful flower in the back with a couple of jewels. Wow! Whata great birthday present! She did it all just because she had the time. Sister Jones taught the hair dresser the gospel and I wrote them and Christmas card thank you note. 🙂
Later that night we ate some Paninis to celebrate and our investigators threw me a traditional Syrian birthday party with all of their traditional foods. 🙂 I felt so loved! They are doing well, so please continue to pray for them. 🙂
The next day we went to District Meeting in my precious city of Jyväskylä and on the way home in the train station I got some apple pie (my favorite birthday cake). Yum.
Later Wednesday night we trained down to Espoo for a Mission Leadership Council (MLC) and I had a great time! We talked about how to be better missionaries and we attended a session in the temple. I really love MLC because I learn so much every time. In the temple I had the wonderful tender mercy of seeing member friends from all four of my previous areas where I have served here in Finland. It was like a dream come true.
But just wait, it gets even better!
Friday we trained back to Tampere and since we traveled so much of the week, we had a lot of people to teach. At the end of the day we had taught 5 recent converts or less active members and I remember going to bed that night feeling so content. We had many wonderful spiritual discussions with them and the first lesson went especially well when one fairly recent convert was able to testify to the other of the blessings of the temple. 🙂
This weekend the Tampere members hosted the annual Young Single Adult (YSA) party for a few days. We were not involved in it at all,but we were at the church a lot to teach lessons and I got to see my bestest friend from Jyväskylä who got baptized the week after I left. It’s been since May! She is doing so well and I got to see her 3 days in a row. This has been the most fantastic week of my life! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for all of His tender mercies to me.
Lastly, I got to give a talk on New Year’s Day! I spoke on member missionary work! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for being so good at naturally sharing the gospel with others and inspiring me long before my mission. It was a great experience. The room was packed into the overflow!
Well I love you all!
Thanks for everything!
Sisar Adams

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