The beginning of the end…but really, this work will never end :)

Hello everyone!

Drum roll please…..

I got my last transfer call. 9 more weeks of going strong!

So, I will be staying in Tampere and training a new sister training leader Sister Roberts! She’s been here in Finland for 10 months and we’ve met a couple of times already. We trained new sisters at the same time two transfers ago! She’s a red head too (like Sister Jordan and Sister Bartusz!) and she’s from Florida!) I’m really excited to be with her. 🙂

ister Jones and I walking to the Jyväskylä chapel for district meeting. Our last one together! (But I’ll still be in Jyväskylä!)

Sadly, Sister Jones will be leaving me and Tampere 😦 We are pretty sad to be parting and there have definitely been some tears shed, but that just makes me happy to know a couple of things, one this is not the last time I’ll see here on my mission or in my life, and two we have made such a tremendous impact on each others’ lives that we will always be the best of friends and best of companions!
Sister Jones is going to her dream area of Neitsytpolku! To be with Sister Willoughby’s trainee, Sister Kehr. 🙂

Sister Andersson is from Tampere and is home now, but she was Sister Jones companion when I was in Kerava and in their District. She came to teach a lesson with us this week!

So on to the week of all weeks! So much has happened! Last P-day we had interviews with President Watson (always good 🙂 ) He’s so awesome. And then we drove to a water tower to buy some ice cream and look at the gorgeous view! Later that night we taught our investigator couple. They are so cool! Please pray that the language barrier gets better with them and they have an increased desire to come to church! 🙂

This is our ice cream on top of a water tower last week. 🙂

Wednesday we headed to Jyväskylä and had District Meeting, it was great as always and that night we had a wonderful dinner appointment with a family (same one we went to for Christmas! and we’re going there for one final hurrah with Sister Jones tonight!) I love the members!! They are wonderful! We had a wonderful spiritual message there and it was quite emotional and touching. I love sharing messages with members because we are there to strengthen them, but they always end up strengthening us too!

This is our district!


Me, Sister Jones, Elder Minson, and Elder Johnson (the Sister training leaders and zone leaders)

That night after nightly planning, Sister Jones and I decided I needed a hair cut and wazam! She gave me one! And it was a really good one! I’m liking my shorter hair, but I’m sure I’lll grow it out again too. Old habits die hard, haha. 🙂 However! It is possible with Heavenly Father’s help! Luckily, I don’t think the length of my hair has any say in my eternal reward. Sister Jones is awesome.

Sister Jones gave me a hair cut and then curled my hair another day! I like it!

Now on to some more spiritual things:
We were able to visits many members this week and share messages with them. We also had three dinner appointments! One of my favorite things was this week when we were able to share a scripture with a family and then watch as the father facilitated a gospel discussion with his children off of the message of the stripling warriors (this is a great one! Alma 56:45-48 and 56) My heart melted as I saw as the husband and wife taught the children together and then turned the discussion back to us. We challenged them, just as we challenge each companionship of sisters that we visit, to be on the Lord’s side, and not fear because He is with us! Wow! So powerful. I know this is true!
We also had some joyful moments of rejoicing this week when our new investigator made so much progress and was so happy to tell us all about it! We got some news this morning that this is no longer something, they want to look into, and Sister Jones and I had a bit of a sad moment, and I prayed really hard and sincerely, but as of now, they haven’t changed their mind.
Hard things like this happen sometimes, but I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of His children and that no effort is wasted. It’s maybe just not their time right now, and that’s okay. 🙂 I pray that it will come again someday!
Well, just like every week in the mission field, it’s been filled with so many experiences, good and sometimes hard, but always growing. and always with thoughts of amazement and gratitude for this chance to serve the Lord.
Here are some things I’ll always remember from my time with Sister Jones:
Although this was the most unexpected transfer call to come here with her, it’s been exactly what I needed.
I’ve watched as Heavenly Father has put us together not only for our benefit, but also for the benefit of many ward members, sisters, and investigators.
Sister Jones has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen! She never judges anyone, and she always looks on the inside. 🙂 I love that about her!
She has helped me and supported me and allowed me to do the same for her.
She knows that Jesus Christ is her Savior and that He will help her as she relies on Him.
She loves this work and the Finnish people.
All in all, Sister Jones is amazing and I am so glad this is not goodbye forever!
I’m excited to start a new transfer strong!
Jesus Christ lives! He loves us and this is His true restored church on the earth today! If you haven’t found that out for yourself yet, I invite you to try it out! It’s worth it 🙂
Love you all lots!
Sisar Adams


Another gorgeous view from our house


Took some pictures in our far out area. 🙂 It reminds me a lot of Idaho!


Same thing. Soo pretty!



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