Often Change Yields the Miracle

Hello again from Tampere!!
What a miracle week! So much has happened it feels like it’s been three weeks since I emailed, but here is a quick miracle story for you!
Saturday night we were planning and had one hour of proselyting before church to plan. I said, “Sister Roberts, I’m at a loss of what to do. I know you’re new to this area, but where do you think we should go?” She said she liked trying new places that missionaries hadn’t visited before and we counciled together as a companionship, picking a new street. We wrote the specific street name and a specific building number in our planners.

Sister Roberts and I out finding our new tracting area πŸ˜‰

Sunday morning, we popped it into the GPS and ended up in an area I had been trying to refind after going there once to visit a referral with Sister Jones. There was almost no one outside, but we found some great new tracting buildings! I was so excited! We were led to another part of the area on foot, but the buildings we locked. just as we were turning around a man came out of a foresty area and Sister Roberts stopped him. We testified and he believed everything. He wanted to meet right then!
We had to leave, so we came back with a member that night and invited him to baptism. He said yes, but didn’t accept a date.
The next morning (yesterday) we had zone conference and a random man came off of the street and knocked on the door of our meeting. The assistants to the president went out to see who it was. Sister Watson went out ask well and came back reporting that someone had just walked into the church and the elders were giving him a church tour!
We were all astonished! The moment the meeting was over (the assistants had been gone for about an hour) Elder Johnson who just moved from being a zone leader in Tampere to being the assistant, ran up to us and said “Sisters! This man lives in your area and we just set a baptismal date with him! Come out here now!” We were amazed! Who could it be?!
We ran out there and to our great amazement and delight it was the same man we had met the morning before and taught. We know had a baptismal date with him and a return appointment even sooner that we had scheduled it! We are excited to teach him again tonight!
Miracles happen!
On top of that, he knows the entire Tampere Zone now!
Please pray for him in his journey, we are so excited! Heavenly Father is so good.
I love you all!
Sisar Adams


Sister Willoughby (I finished her training in Lappeenranta), Sister Burden, me, and Sister Roberts at MLC. πŸ™‚ The Oulu Sister Training Leaders are Sister Carter and Sister Nelson!


The bike…. We finally fit it into the car thanks to a prayer and some help from a random stranger that pulled up and asked if he could help us. We’re still not quite sure how he got it in so easily! What a tender mercy ❀


This describes Finland perfectly πŸ™‚


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