Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!

Hello all! Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!

It’s been a great week!

Here are the highlights!

-Zone Training with Sister Roberts: we taught on finding people to teach. (The word loytaa on their white board is find in Finnish.)


Sister Roberts and I after our first Zone Training Meeting together! It was a success! Behind us is our “Language Moment” presentation of Finnish in the meeting. We were also in charge of demonstrating the role play of missionary teaching skills. 🙂 PS The salmon suit is still going strong 🙂

-The Leadership meeting complete with a trip to the temple, always nice 🙂


This is all of the Elders that were in my MTC group (who were at this Leadership Meeting) Just missing Elders McMillan, Reeder, and Piggott, and Sister Jones. It’s so good to see everyone! This was after a wonderful temple session in Espoo. 🙂

-The My Plan meeting where I was reunited with Sister Jones for the day. Yes!


The reunion! Sister Jones and I got to be companions again for the day at the “My Plan” meeting for missionaries in their last transfer.

-Exchanges with the Tampere 2 sisters! We taught 3 of our recent converts, and avoided a big sporting event in the area with thousands of college students, while still doing some great contacting! Sisters Peterson and Pugmire are wonderful! They have such strong testimonies and are great ministers of Christ!

Then came the really cool miracle of the week! On Sunday Sister Roberts and I went out tracting and because of the new schedule, we had some extra time. We knocked on a door a couple of times and there was no answer. Finally we were about to leave and an old woman in her 80’s opened the door. She quickly pointed to her hearing aid, and shouted that she was pretty deaf and couldn’t hear us. We spoke up a little louder, pulled out a picture of Christ and asked if we could come in and teach her. She obliged!

We had just enough time for a quick spiritual message and an opening and closing prayer before getting a return appointment for the next day. Sister Roberts and I discussed various ways to teach her and decided to bring our whiteboard on the next lesson! 

We taught her yesterday, mainly using the whiteboard and the Book of Mormon! It was so cool! Sister Roberts and I were still able to follow the Spirit and teach as companions, it was just via a white board to a cute deaf lady. 🙂 She says she believes in Jesus Christ and we are excited to visit her again sometime soon. 🙂 Miracles and tender mercies are all around us. We just have to open our eyes to see them and then open our hearts to be grateful and receive them. 


Sister Roberts and I needed a short rest from tracting 😀 We love our tracting days! Seriously!


On this beautiful sunny Friendship Day (Ystävänpäivää) I am grateful for my very best friend and older brother, Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and Redeemer. I truly have been able to turn to Him in good times and in bad. He is the light and life of the world. He loves each one of us so much. It mattereth not be we rich, poor, deaf, old, young, stubborn, patient, or anything else. His love is perfect and His grace is sufficient for us. We just have to receive the gift of His sacred Atonement by repenting daily, and praying for help, comfort, and peace. I am so thankful for my knowledge of Him and this opportunity to share it with others! I know He lives! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Below are some wonderful scriptures about Jesus Christ that have been on my mind lately and remind me of His mercy and love for each of us. 

Alma 7:11-13 Atonement

Moroni 7:45.48 Charity

Moroni 10:32 Be perfected in Him

Doctrine and Covenants 18:11-13 and then also separately verses 10, 15-16

These are some of my favorites. I hope you like them!

I love you lots!


Sisar Adams ❤


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